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About the 40Fingers DotNetNuke Simple Title Skin Object

This is a replacement for the core DotNetNuke Title skin object.

It is different from the core version in a few ways.

Cleaner HTML

This skin object by default renders purely the Title and no extra span as the Core Title skin object does, resulting in cleaner HTML.

Usable to render the Page Title

You can use this Title skin object also in a skin.
In that case it will render the Title of the current page.
Used in a container the module title will be shown (as with the core skin object)

The output HTML is templatable

You can pass a template for the output HTML. By default this only the title; [TITLE].
You could also pass : <h2>[TITLE]</h2>
Which would render the title inside an H2 element.

Fixes HTML encoding bug in DNN 6.24

There's a minor change in DNN 6.2.4 that encodes the output title.
Because of this a <br /> typed in the module title, now shows up as text.
This skin object does an HTML decode before the text is output, to solve this.
(The Encode Issue should be fixed in DNN7)

Documentation: documentation

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